To take full advantage of the app, users are prompted to make a commitment (place a bet) for a balanced healthy diet. They choose the number of food packages (1-4) they are willing to bet on and for how long (1-4 weeks) they think they will be able to follow the healthy diet using the application.

At the end of this time period, end result is displayed.

In case of success, the appropriate medal (gold, silver, bronze) is awarded, depending on the percentage of successful days. The user has two (2) options: either start a new “healthy diet” challenge by selecting a new bet and a new time period and use the app again, or donate to a charity (voluntarily) by paying the amount of the bet through the store (Play Store / iTunes) and then initialize the bet again.

In case of failure, the user will have to pay the bet through the store (Play Store / iTunes) in order to be able to initialize the bet and use the application again.

The money collected from the bets (each food package corresponds to a certain amount of money) through the stores (Play Store / iTunes), will be given at the end of each month to an NGO or other non-profit organization as these are mentioned on the website of the application. By using a suitable form, users will be able to choose and recommend the organizations / NGOs to which the money received from the stores, i.e. the bets minus the service fee of Play Store or App Store, will be given.

  • “The Tyler Robinson Foundation”

    Tyler battled a life thretning staph infection when we was 12 years old, he fought and beat it after 8 surgeries and a month in the ICU. Followed by 6 months of heavy antibiotics and hospital visits.
    4 years later, at the age of 16 he was diagnosed with state 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that had invected 95% of his bone marrow. After a year and a half of chemo (20 rounds) and 6 weeks of raidation he was declared cancer free. No doubt he fought like a champion during his battle with cancer. Just 4 months after being declared cancer free, at the tender age of 17, he unexpectedly passed away due to complications from 3 large cancerous tumors that had formed in his brain.

    “AGIOI ANARGYROI” is an association of Parents of Mentally- ill people. Founded in 1983 by a core of 38 families whose primary goal was to create roof covers for these people.
    The boarding school was opened in 1997 and today the collection involves 52 families for the corresponding number of persons cared. It runs without subsidies by main source of revenue insurance coverage.
    Ag. Anargiroi 1 153 51 Kanji Attica, tel. 210-6667180, fax: 210-6667188.
    http: //

    ” AGIOS NIKOLAOS”,is an association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of autistic people.
    The club was founded in 2001 by parents, guardians and friends of people with autism. It is a charitable, non-profitable organisation and it is intended to operate as boarding schools for people with autism coming from paraplegic families, blind, cancer patients and the needy
    The boarding school is the first in Greece for people with autism and provides education, treatment and care. Collection:
    Nestor 4 155 62 Holargos, tel. + Fax 210-6525123.
    Internship: Flourishing & willow, 19 002 paean, tel 6641846, fax 210-6641845

    ” PEDIATRIC TRAUMA”, is a non-profitable organisation concerning with the prevention and treatment of childhood trauma and upgrading and ensuring quality of life for the reduction of child mortality as well as helping children with serious health problems.
    GYTHIOU 1A, 152 31 Athens, Tel. 210-6740118,210-6741933, fax: 210-6724536
  • ”RELIEF’

    ”RELIEF” is a charitable ,non-profitable association founded in 1995.
    It protects families in northern and western suburbs of Athens and supports the improvement of the standard of living. It offers apart from clothing and food, legal, medical and psychological support. In 2003 it founded a station at Acharnes for children with disabilities.
    They made a hostel in the same area to accommodate children for the evening.
    L.Marathonos 3 Drosia 145 72, tel. 210-8131487, fax: 210-8131492.

    “AMIMONI’ is a Panhellenic Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of people with Vision Problems and additional disabilities, a non-profitable charity founded in 1993 and aims its federation activities at the joint collection of parents, guardians and friends of the blind people with additional specific problems.
    Since 1996, they have developed the program “POLICHNI” which aims at independent living and independence of children from their families.
    Av. Vouliagmeni (former American base) 73 842 , tel 210-9631441, 210-9630244, fax: 210-9632549.

    ”OPEN ARMS”, Social Paediatrics Friends is a non-profitable organisation of private law, established at Children’s Hospital II. & A.Kyriakou, which was formed in Athens in 1994 by a group of volunteers, with the main objective to support the hospitalized children in the best possible way.
    Av. Mediterranean 24 115 27 Athens, tel. 210- 7726814-15, fax 210-7799646.

    ”LOVES CHILDREN”, is a non profitable organisation with a view to helping and improving the living conditions of children who have severe family problems.
    Papastratou 4 Kifissia 14 562, Tel. 210-6232066.

    ”WHITE BUTTERFLIES” is an association for children with special needs based in the Pref., and the majority of hosts is destitute and abandoned children with mentally retarded or with Down syndrome, autistic, epileptic and other ailments.
    Terminal Larissa Position sugar, Volos 38001,
    Tel. 24210-66150, 24210-65776, fax. 24210 to 83420.

    THE CHILDREN’S ASYLUM” is a non profitable organisation which ,since 1919 ,hosts and educates children of low paid mothers in the area of Thessaloniki.
    Today, the “Children’s Asylum ‘activities cover two main areas: the children’s homes which includes the nursery, the day kindergarten and Day Primary School, attended by over 600 children, aged from 2 months to 12 years old and the spiritual Centre for the development of the child.
    Egnatia 129, 546 38 Thessaloniki, tel. 2310-214246, 2310-209398, 2310-209946, fax 2310-202449.

    “DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS”, in response to their key role, MSF offer their assistance to the population, in cases of emergency, to the victims caused either by natural or human factors, to those who suffer because of rebellion, without any racial, religious, philosophical or political discrimination.
    The Greek section of Médecins Sans Frontières is composed by a board of directors elected at the AGM and is renewed every year.
    It consists of volunteers who have experience in shipping.
    Xenia 15 115 27 Athens, tel. 210-5200500, fax: 210-5200503.

    “DOCTORS OF THE WORLD” in Greece, was created in 1990 and is part of the International Network of Doctors of the World.
    Their programs in Greece include an outdoor Polyclinic for immigrants, refugees and the needy, a hostel with a capacity of 70 people providing accommodation and food, a program of medical care and psychosocial support to the Gypsy, a program of visits to remote areas of Greece, a mobile pediatric dental unit, a diagnostic benefit plan and preventive eye tests to people living in remote areas of Greece.
    Athens: Sappho
    12, 105 53, tel 210-3213150,210-3213180

    “GRAMMI ZOIS” is a non profitable, charitable organisation (and NGOs) primarily engaged in providing care, protection and security for the elderly.
    Codratos 4.104 to 37, Metaxourgio, Athens. Tel. 210.6990805 Fax:
    http: //

    ”INTERNATIONAL COMPANY OF FAMILY SUPPORT”, is a non-profitable organisation, founded in 2004 with a view to recognition and addressing the problems of the families who nowadays face domestic violence, the modern slave trade – trafficking and exploitation of women and children, the rampant low birth rate , poor eating habits, etc.
    Messinia 3.11 526 AMPELOKIPON tel. 210-6923136, 210- 8103496, fax 210-8104079.

    ”CHILDREN’S RIGHTS NETWORK ” is a non- governmental organisation which, since 2000,works in collaboration with educators at all levels to implement the International Convention of HOE for children’s rights in our country.
    Teachers and lecturers, parents and academics, writers and citizens consist the members who develop actions related to dissemination, awareness and respect for the children’s rights, strengthen social solidarity and protect the children from all forms of discrimination. Telemachus 3, 114 72 Athens, tel. 210- 3387427
  • “Psychosocial Association for the Health of Children and Adolescents”

    “Psychosocial Association for the Health of Children and Adolescents”, is a scientific non-profitable association founded in 1991. It aims at supporting young people with psychosocial problems ( such as depression, anxiety, learning difficulties, family problems).
    To support their effort, a therapeutic hostel has been founded with the name “Iris”.
    The leader of the project is the Professor UOA Giannis Tsiantis, and the main contact person is Maria Crete.
    Tel. 210 6546524, fax. 210-6522396, N / Address: St. John the Divine 19 155 61 Holargos.
  • “ERMIS Association of Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities”

    “ERMIS Association of Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities”, is a private legal non-profitable entity, regulated and partially sponsored by the Ministry of Health Welfare and Social Security.
    The aim of the association is to provide the best possible moral, social and economic assistance for treatment, education, social and vocational rehabilitation of the disabled.
    Former US base Greek, building 269, tel. 210-9631086, 210-9647577, fax: 210- 9623538.
    http: //

    “HELLENIC CANCER SOCIETY”, is a charitable non-profitable organisation, founded in 1958 and it is the main entity of anticancer struggle in our country, a member of the International Union Against Cancer, and it has 34 annexes throughout the country and carries out the Hellenic Cancer Fundraiser.
    Chloe 4 Prosilio, Peania Tel. 210 6456713-15, fax: 210-6410011.
    http: //www.cancer-
  • “ELEPAP”

    “ELEPAP”, the Hellenic Society for Disabled Children is an association of prime social regime and private legal entities. Founded in Athens in 1937 by initiative of private individuals. ELEPAP’s aim is to help spastic children or those with other physical disabilities to deal with their condition.
    Kononos 16 11634 Athens, Tel. 210-7212780,210-7228360,210-7233860, fax: 210- 7228380
  • “HELLENIC COUNCIL for Refugees (GCR)”

    “HELLENIC COUNCIL for Refugees (GCR)” is a non-governmental organisation, an association accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) that was established in 1989 for providing support to people seeking asylum in our country or to people who escaped persecution in their home country. Unlike other organisations dealing with refugees, the APS focuses its services to refugees in Greece.
    Under the ESP function, the Centre promotes the harmonious integration of refugees of all ages in Greek environment, hostels for the reception and hospitality of the newly arrived and vulnerable asylum seekers (pregnant women, unaccompanied children, etc.) , Iolaos, Center support refugees who have psychological problems.
    Salmon 25, 106 82 Athens, tel. 210 3800990, fax. 210-3803774,
    http: //
  • “Hellenic association for multiple sklerosis”

    “Hellenic association for multiple sklerosis” is a private non-profitable organisation , non state-sponsored and has over 6,000 members in Greece.
    Members other than the sufferers are friends, relatives, scientists, communities, and leading persons of Greek society.
    Multiple sclerosis affects the central nervous system causing mobility problems, to people in productive age of 18-45 years old.
    The disease is not contagious nor directly inherited. K.A.A.NA.A. (former US base Greek)
    Av. Vouliagmeni (former American base), 167 77 Greek, as also in Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis, Larissa, Heraklion Crete. Tel. 210-9600131, fax: 210-2035323 Marrakech Vasso.
  • “Hellenic Foundation custody of the child”

    “Hellenic Foundation custody of the child” is a charitable foundation established in 1991 by Mrs. Marianna Latsis issued by Presidential Decree (Government Gazette 269 / 04.17.1992).
    Assets of the foundation is the amount of three hundred thousand dollars ($ 300,000), donated by the founder against the recommendation.
    The resources of the Foundation are the incomes from the exploitation of that fortune, and the donations to third self.
    The Foundation, in accordance with the Agency administration and its management, deals with the costs of nursing, care and assistance to needy minors. In this context ,the competent services of the Foundation in office, reviewing the headboard along with the assistance of doctors are received by the families minors, and where appropriate, they carry out visits to applicants.
    Address: Xenia 4, Athens, tel. 210-6282000 (center console), fax: 210-6282323.
  • ”Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation (ELIOS)”

    ”Hellenic Osteoporosis Foundation (ELIOS)” is a non-profitable scientific association founded in 1996 and aims at preventing and treating the metabolic diseases of bones promoting fundamental objectives such as the constant training of Greek physicians with these diseases , the organisation and functioning of the medical metabolic bone disease network, the development of cooperation with organisations involved in the prevention of these diseases, the continuous updating of the Greek people and the regular scholarships available for young scientists.
    Address: Agia Varvara 5 145 61 Kifissia, tel. 210-6120382, fax 210-8015889, e-mail
  • “National Transplant Organisation”

    “National Transplant Organisation” is an active organisation for promoting the idea of ​​donating tissues and organs.
    The E.O.M. heads for two directions, one for the improvement in the transplantation program within the National Health System, and the other in informing citizens of our country.
    At a European level,it collaborates with all the relevant agencies of Europe.
    Ploutarchou3, 106 75 Athens (Sofia PSYCHOGIOU) tel. 210-6471200, 210-7255065-6, fax: 210-7255066, 210-7248527,
  • “Hellinic Pediatric Hematology-Oncology”

    “Hellinic Pediatric Hematology-Oncology”, is a scientific, non-profitable organisation, founded in 1988, and it already numbers 200 members active in health and it is a healthy and important organisation for the scientific knowledge.
    The company focuses both on the purely scientific field of specialty of pediatric hematology-oncology, as well as on social and psychological dimensions and supports the sick children and their families.
    Papadiamantopoulos 92 Athens, tel. 210-7792200, 2107467303, fax: 210-7792200,
  • “ELPIDA, Parents Association of Children with kidney diseases”

    “ELPIDA, Parents Association of Children with kidney diseases”, is a non-profitable association founded in 1986 and aims at moral and psychological support and financial assistance of the above children and their families. Recently, the association obtained a small apartment/ hostel for the hospitality of nephropathic children who come for therapy.
    Also it is engaged in the partial coverage of the cost of treating for patients who are economic victims, in the entertainment and intellectual culture, and it contributes to the expenses for the improvement of conditions of staying and hospitalization.
    Agia Lavra 60, 157 73 Zografou, tel. 210- 7792970, 6936-867357, fax 210-7792915.
  • “Hellenic Diabetes Association”

    “Hellenic Diabetes Association”, deals with the promotion of diabetology in Greece and takes up all legal activities aimed firstly at the prevention of diabetes mellitus (DM),and secondly at the promotion of health, social care and general well-being of people with diabetes.
    Meander 9, 115 28 Athens, tel + fax. 210-7210935
  • “Estia Special Vocational Training”

    “Estia Special Vocational Training”, is a charitable association supervised by the Ministry of Health, founded in 1982 by parents and friends of people with mental disabilities.
    Addressed to young people, aged 13 years and over, with a slight and average mental retardation it offers: pre-training and vocational training, support services to individuals and their families, employment promotion, training in social activities, creative expression and entertainment, special programs of physical activity and physical education, promotion of laboratory products in the market, providing services of temporary hosting, creation of modern residential environment, social day care centers.
    Sonia NIKOLAKOPOULOU 13 154 51 Psychiko, tel. 210-6713149, fax: 210-6748084.
  • “Theofilos, NGOs, social care”

    “Theofilos, NGOs, social care”,was founded in October 2004. Its main purpose is to provide material, social and psychological support for families with many children in remote, mountainous and island regions of Greece.
    The support of large families who are socially excluded or threatened with exclusion or condition emergency is of primary importance for us. The Organisation is maintained by donations of members and contributions of volunteers.
    Papaflessa 9 111 46 Galatsi, Athens, tel. 210-8819397, fax. 210-8828501.
  • “Social work”

    “Social work”. The Social Work Foundation is a charitable non-profitable organisation and it has been operating since 1967 .
    It is supervised by the Ministry of Health and Welfare since they have been partially subsidized.
    Its programs are addressed to population groups in crisis, such as refugees and children and young people with physical disabilities. Having Provided by 1973 specialized services to children with cerebral palsy in “Hatzipaterio ‘Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy both treated level and holistic support and reintegration, utilization of technology and awareness of society with programs,” Tilekasp “” First »« Equal “Laboratory and assistive technology” LILIAN VOUDOURI “.
    Pluto and Herodotus 1 (Timed L.Irakleiou 427) 144 51 Metamorfosi Attica, tel. 210-2844675, 210-2825622, fax. 210-2812782.
  • “Institution of special education”

    “Institution of special education”,has been operating since 2003 by providing non-profit social projects to upgrade the main activities of special education, the social and economic integration of vulnerable groups and people with disabilities.
    We provide free educational assessment and evaluation to students with special educational needs, free administrative assistance to clubs and individuals to protect the rights of students with special needs, operation of internet cafes employing workers with remuneration, people from vulnerable group-disability and with voluntary work of its members, aiming to leverage social and economic integration of these persons.
    We apply organized programs by socializing pupils of special schools-institutions, relief programs for parents of the disabled children and for the vulnerable groups.
    Thira 29 187 57 Keratsini, tel / fax 210-4010517.
  • ”Make A Wish”

    ”Make A Wish”, Foundation is a branch of the international charity organization «Make-A-Wish Foundation” which is the largest of its kind worldwide. Non-profitable, aiming at fulfilling the wishes of children from 3 to 18 years of age, suffering from serious illnesses threatening to the life.
    The Greek Annex founded in 1997. Tel. 210-9637660, fax. 210-9637774, Pergamon 33, 16675 Glyfada.
    http: //
  • “Center for the Rehabilitation of Children Council (formerly PIKPA House)”

    “Center for the Rehabilitation of Children Council (formerly PIKPA House)” offers its services in the sensitive area of ​​providence since 1954 and since July 2003 it has been operating as a decentralized unit Social Childcare B Pe.S.Y.P. Attica .. sectors of (Hosting-Care- rehabilitation) cater to 130 children of different ages with severe health problems (severe physical disabilities and intellectual lag), most of them abandoned by their family environment.
    Av. Mr. Karamanlis 2 166 73 Voula, tel. / Fax: 210 8990376,
  • ” Infants-Mothers Centre”

    ” Infants-Mothers Centre” was founded in 1953. It is a state legal entity of private law, non-profitable organisation and it is under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Social Security.
    The Project of the Infants Center is the specialized and offer personalized services to children and parents in a special psychosocial conditions. The philosophy of the center supports the best care of the children since their natural family is not interested or unable to respond to the parental role, and is responsible for the selection of substitutes contractors and foster families.
    Also it tries to make the staying of children in the Foundation to be as soon as possible and to ensure a satisfactory family atmosphere for them.
    Av. Republic 65 131 22 Ilion, Attica, tel. 210- 2015700, fax: 210-2615215
  • “Care centre for children – “St. Dimitrios “

    “Care centre for children – “St. Dimitrios “, is a foundation which was founded in 1974.
    The purpose of the institution is to provide care to children with severe physical disabilities and / or heavy mental retardation, coming from priority areas of the central and eastern Macedonia and Thrace.
    More detailed purposes:A) education, entertainment, physical rehabilitation as well as vocational training and rehabilitation of people of both sexes, aged 2-18 years who have mental retardation and motor difficulties, in the area of ​​Thessaloniki and whenever vacancies and of the Rest of the Region of Central Macedonia. B) implementation daycare programs and employment, social and vocational training and rehabilitation for people of both sexes aged two years and above who have mental retardation and disabilities and which do not reside in the Centre but in their families .
    John Kennedy 62 555 35 Pilea Thessaloniki, tel. 2313 320 100, fax. 2310 302 400,
  • ” Daycare centre for the mentally disabled people”

    ” Daycare centre for the mentally disabled people”, was founded in 2001 by a group of parents of children with disabilities from the city of Megara and hosts approximately 20 persons with mental retardation, autism and multiple disabilities from Megara and from the surrounding areas.
    28 October 256, 19100 Megara Attica, tel. 210-22960-26062.
  • “Klimaka”

    “Klimaka”, tackles with social exclusion. This is a day centre and a foreign hostel for homeless which provides systematic supportive efforts to address the multifaced problems with the main objective of their re-employment.
    Eumolpidae 30-32, Botany, tel. 210-3417160-3, fax. 210-3417164.
    http: //
  • “Kivotos of the world”

    “Kivotos of the world”,was founded in 1998 by the 26 year old Father Antonio and aims at pulling out of poverty as many children as possible and at offering them the ability to stand on their feet.
    Apart from volunteers who trully care for the basic needs of children such as feeding, clothing, entertainment, health care, etc. other volunteers teach and others provide vocational training.
    Despite the severe shortage in our means, infrastructure and resources, our work is important and it has been recognized with national and global discrimination.
    Zinodorou 3 & Kallikles, 104 42 Colonos til_fax. 210- 5141935, 210-5141953.

    ”TOGETHER FOR CHILDREN”, is a group of 10 non-profitable organisations of Charity and companies relating to support children with severe mental, physical and social problems. Its object is the organized viewing of their activities through real actions.
    http: //
    The clubs participating are:1.” Breath Friends Intensive Child Care”,was founded in 1992 by parents, pediatricians and friends/ volunteers. It deals with the equipment of the Intensive Care Unit for children and newborns in state hospitals, the material and moral support of parents whose children are hospitalized in the Intensive Care, the education and training of medical and nursing staff of the unit, providing basic knowledge CPR and First Aid to the general public as well as the creation of the Intensive Care Unit at the Children University Hospital Region. It is maintained solely by private donations, companies and donations in memory. It is estimated that each year about 4,000 children need hospitalization in ICU.
    Michalakopoulou 159, 115 27 Athens, tel. 210-7486801, fax 210-7486803,

    2.” Care for the care of children and families in sickness and death”,was founded in 1995 by nine experienced scientists from the fields of health and education.Its main purposes are the a) the provision of free services to the children and their family to mourn their loved ones or to those whose lives are threatened by a serious illness.( The counseling center is open daily 10: 00-18: 00.) b) specialized training of health professionals and education on proper support for children and their families. c) The awareness of Greek society to properly address the sick and bereavement issues.
    PAPANIKOLA 2A, 152 32 Halandri, tel. 6463367, fax 210-6452338,

    3.” Company for the Sectional Protection” is a specially approved charitable association which was founded in 1972 in order to develop the welfare of people suffering from cerebral palsy in Greece. The offer of this Company aims at: the systematic provision of medical, therapeutic and educational services in operational Day Centres, adult clubs, productive workshops, at accommodation and entertainment and sports programs in education teachers, at continually inform the public,and at the encouragement of scientific research. In the pilot centers of Education and Rehabilitation there are 250 children, young people and adults daily.
    M. Geroulanou 117 164 52 Argyroupoli, tel. 210-9622290, fax 210-9644330,

    4.” Association “Friends of Theotokos” is a non-profitable association founded in 1997 with the sole purpose of moral and material aid of the Big Society project of the Foundation “The Theotokos.” The “Theotokos” foundation is operated continuously since 1963 as an Assessment Centre of training and rehabilitation of children and youth with mental retardation. Every day in the laboratories 400 children and young people from 2 to 30 years old are trained with a view to their personal development, integration in daily life and professional development. The existence of the Foundation gave the appropriate framework and favorable conditions to bring up and prosper more than 5,000 children. The emphasis in recent years has been put on vocational rehabilitation of the model of supported employment, early intervention for timely and smooth integration of the infants, in terms of an educational framework.
    Theotokos 2 131 22 Ilion, Attica, tel / fax 210-2310664, 210-2385416,
    http: //

    5.” Children’s Village SOS”, is an association, non-profitable,whose experts are recognized as charities.It protects the children who, for serious social difficulties,are permanently deprived of the care of their natural parents. The protection and care of these children is offered over the long term, from early childhood to professional, and to their economic rehabilitation. Children grow up with their brothers or sisters, in a home with an SOS Mother. In Greece: SOS Children’s Villages , Plagiari, Thrace, the roofs Newsletter Athens and Thessaloniki, the Support Centre for Children and Family in Athens, the foreign adolescents in Halandri, hostel SOS-ELIZA, in Maroussi, in cooperation with the Company of Cruelty to Children ELIZA. Their operating costs are covered solely by donations.
    Ermou 6, 105 63 Athens, tel. 210-3313661-3 fax 210-3226652,

    6.” Expert center “Hara” is a home for children with severe mental and physical problems from birth. Operating since 1983 as a charitable association. In 1986 the donation of an individual, gave the center the opportunity to obtain their own home in Pallini, Attica. After the earthquake of 1999 it was decided the construction of a new boarding school on the same site. The construction of the new building was completed in March 2005 and it is a modern facility center with all European standards.
    7.” Crohn requiring daily care” is about Crohn disease which creates a huge organic, psychological and financial burden in the affected children and their family. It is a non-profitable organisation that relies solely on donations and it has 4,000 members. Also, it organises events, trips and children’s camps which lead to their socialization and supports the needy families financially.

    8.”The National Association” is managed by a five-member Council. The purpose of the foundation is the storage and care of preschool children from four months to five years old and aims at the service and support of working mothers. The children remain in the center in a healthy and pleasant environment, from morning until seven in the evening. It offers entertainment, play, creative activities, teaching, with an emphasis on spiritual development, by qualified personnel as well as medical care by volunteer doctors.
    Fotomara 48, 117 43 Athens, tel / fax 210 9238131.
    It also offers food, clothing, heating, and paying bills for better living conditions and organizes recreational events and theater performances for children Institutions.

    9. Foundation “The Children’s Shelter”, founded in 1931 by Lady Krosfild. Based and belongs to the homonymous National Association and is managed by a five-member Council. With the responsibility and supervision of the institution currently operating five Standard Roofing in areas of Athens and Piraeus. The purpose of the foundation is the storage and care of preschool children from four months to five years and aim of the service and support of working mothers.
    The children remain in the roofing, in a healthy and pleasant environment, from morning until seven in the evening. They offer entertainment, play, creative activities, teaching, with an emphasis on spiritual development, by qualified personnel as well as medical care by volunteer doctors.
    Fotomara 48, 117 43 Athens, tel / fax 210 9238131.

    10.Oi friends of the child, protection of the child within the family, Charity Association non-profit founded in 1987 in Athens and cares for the child facing health problems and serious economic problems. It offers food, clothing, heating, and paying bills for better living conditions. It covers vaccines, medicines, physiotherapy and speech therapy monthly. It also offers school supplies, tuition, holiday camps and hotels as well as two privately owned mobile homes. Awards excellent students. Organizes recreational events and theater performances for children Institutions. Psychologist monitor the single mother with supportive group and individual meetings.
    The Nursery operates Metaxourghio since 2007 and accommodates 27 children. Stesichorus 15 106 74 Athens, tel. 210-7293404, fax 210-7293403,

  • “Melissa”

    “Melissa” is a foundation for the Protection of Adolescent Girls, and hosts girls from 6 to 18 years old who are in need of protection and care. In 1922, it began operating as an orphanage and continues working for the development of a network of families that will ensure interns, with outings, visits and hospitalities and finally, enlargement of cooperation with scientific advisers.
    Trikoupi 2 55236 Panorama Thessaloniki, tel. 2310- 341965, 2310-830582, fax: 2310-343872.
  • ”The M.E.Y”

    ”The M.E.Y”. performs an important work at education and prevention, as well as major research project on issues related to teenagers today.
    The a structure of the Children’s Hospital “P. & A. Kyriakou” and it is a part of the Second Pediatric Clinic of the University of Athens.
    It offers its services to people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and mental disorders through programs of early Intervention, or of Creative Activities of semi and Autonomous Living. The activity of the association has a large number of educational programs, and therapeutic recreational ones..
    The implementation of the above programs finds barriers leading to significant sustainability problems.

    ”ORIZONTES, K.E.E.P.E.A”.,is a Center for Vocational Education of Children with Disabilities, created by parents of people with disabilities, scientists and concerned citizens in the region of
    Ag. Dimitriou 1998 Av. Kallifrona 5 , 173 41 Ag. Dimitrios, tel. 210-9766144.
    The resources of the association are covered exclusively by the subscriptions of its members, the holding of property of the association,the revenue of events, sponsorships, donations and legacies.
    Its objectives are to improve the treatment of child care conditions, ensuring their rights to health, education and work.Within its activities are included: psychological support for children and parents as well as the hospitality of people with low incomes that need hospitalization in medical centers located far from their place of residence.
  • ”Sikiarideio Foundation”

    ”Sikiarideio Foundation”, was founded in 1939 by the family of Sikiaridis,which derived from Kermyra Cappadocia of Asia Minor. Initially, Sikiaridio Foundation functioned as an orphanage and preventorium.
    It offers training and rehabilitation to children aged 5-21 years, with average and slightly mentally retardation, and prepares about 300 children in workshops.
    Pentelis 58, 151 26 Maroussi, tel. 210-8020301, 210-8021600, fax.
    Its main purpose is to meet social solidarity deficits, with the activation of voluntary groups of citizens and the directed use of sponsorships so as to maximize their effect aiming flexibly at fellow citizens who really need it.
    Districts Kalymnos ‘Agios Panteleimon’, are providers of social care, private, non-profitable.It was founded in 1997 and it currently has 150 members.
  • ”Strofi”

    ”Strofi” – Open Therapeutic Programme for teenagers.It constitutes of an organized network of services for young people (13-20 years) providing psychoactive support for substance users and their families.
  • “Αssociation of voluntary deacons and patients”

    “Αssociation of voluntary deacons and patients”, operates since 2003 and cares for hospitalized monks, with genuine and unconditional love.It has a close cooperation with Health services
  • “‘Association of Parents & Friends of Autistic Persons”

    “‘Association of Parents & Friends of Autistic Persons” in Larissa.It was founded in 1998 by parents and friends of people with autism.In the hostel are free hosted 10 adults with autism, in the region of Thessaly.
    Address: B.E. Plastiras 9 Zip Code 30300 Nafpaktos.
    Today (24/3/2008) shall be established a professional caregiver and 49 people of which 24 interns and 25 external.
  • “Association of Therapeutic Riding”

    “Association of Therapeutic Riding” is a non-profitable, charitable organisation which offers possibilities, opportunities and instruments for riding for the disabled,and especially children, as well as the implementation of riding as a therapeutic agent.
    II. Kanellopoulos 10 115 27 Goudi, tel + fax 210-7488566.
    For this purpose an area of 20.300t.m is donated.
  • “The smile of the child”

    “The smile of the child”, is a recognized non-profitable foundation that offers community service since 1995.
    The aim of the compendium is to provide care and protection to all the children of Greece, without direct or indirect discrimination or social exclusion. In this context, it has developed a wide range of activities of social solidarity, by offering to children, moral and psychological support.
    Stournari 16 106 83 Athens, tel. 210-3306140210-3306150, fax.
  • ” ARSIS’

    ” ARSIS”,is home to children and adolescents who are victims of neglect or abuse, and is an independent non-profitable organisation founded in 1992 operating in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos, Karditsa, Kozani, Halkidiki and Tirana with the aim of social support of young people, who live in difficult conditions,and experience the risk of social exclusion.
    Ptolemy 35 & Syngrou, 546 30 Oraiokastro Thessaloniki, tel. 2310-526150,210-522813.
  • “Floga Parents Association of Children with neoplastic disease”

    “Floga Parents Association of Children with neoplastic disease”,was created in 1982 as a non profitable association and embraces approximately 3,000 families of children with cancer from all over Greece, with a view to ensuring the best possible medical, psychological and social care of these children and their parents.
    Aigio 6-8, Goudi 115 27, Tel. 210- 7485000.
  • “Filimon”

    Association founded in 1986 and is maintained by donations of members and friends, and it works with permanent staff volunteers. Has a central drug rehabilitation-which corresponds to a detached house with garden, which has been transferred from ECCLESIASTICAL times in the pines Attica can accommodate 10 persons-and a farm. On food costs assist with various food items by the European Union and the Food Bank.
    Amalias Av. 50, Athens 105 58, tel. 210- 3231079.
    http: //

    “CARITAS” is a Catholic Charity Association of Corfu.
  • Orthodox Charitable Associations in Greece

    All the Orthodox Charitable Associations in Greece, Cyprus and worldwide.

    is an international nonprofitable organisation responsible for the development of global solidarity, which was founded in 1972 in Great Britain, by the philanthropist entrepreneur Cecil Jackson-Cole and it also operates in Ireland, in Italy, in France and in Spain, in Greece in 1998.
    Its vision is creating better living conditions for the poorest people of the world, so that people can live with dignity.
    Association for the care of people with neuromuscular diseases.
    Homer 51, 106 72 Athens, Tel. 210 3616980-1, fax: 210-3616982.

    Association for the care of people with neuromuscular diseases. It was founded in January 2000 by a group of volunteers who collaborate with members of the medical and academic world, in order to contribute to meeting the many problems caused by neuromuscular diseases.
    Homer 51, 106 72 Athens, Tel. 210 3616980-1, fax: 210-3616982.
  • “UNICEF”

    H Greek Committee for Cooperation with UNICEF is under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of Health Welfare and Social Security. The Commission aims at challenging the awareness and the dissemination of the objectives of UNICEF.
    Andr.Dimitriou 8 & Tz.Kennenty 37 161 27 Kaisiariani, tel. 210-7255555, fax: 210- 7252555.
    http: //
  • “HUGS”

    “HUGS” is a charitable, non-profitable association founded in 1998 which protects the unborn child.
    Together with the Maternal centre and the Child care club provide completely free services to pregnant women who are facing all sorts of problems because of their pregnancy and the problems following the birth of the child.
    Also it contributes to informing the public throughout Greece on issues related to pregnancy with the organisation of seminars, lectures and speeches and distribution of any kind of forms.
    The members of the Board are composed of teachers, doctors and other personalities of the social life.
    Epirus 28 104 33 Athens, tel. 210-8828788, fax: 210-8235121.


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